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Antivirus comparison made easy


Top6 Score

Offers advanced virus and threat protection across devices and operating systems.

Features include home network security, password management, and identity theft protection.

Includes parental controls for managing children's digital activities.

Provides a secure VPN for online privacy and data encryption.

Known for its easy-to-use interface and 24/7 customer support.

Surfshark Antivirus

Top6 Score

Offers antivirus protection along with a VPN for complete online privacy and security.

Features real-time malware detection and phishing scam alerts to safeguard your devices.

Includes a data breach monitoring service, alerting users to compromised personal information.

Easy-to-use interface suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Provides excellent customer support and a money-back guarantee for user satisfaction.

Norton Antivirus

Top6 Score

Renowned for its powerful protection against viruses, malware, and cyber threats.

Includes features like VPN services, password management, and parental controls.

Offers cloud backup solutions to protect against data loss.

Provides 24/7 customer support and a 100% virus protection guarantee.

Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems for comprehensive coverage.


Top6 Score

Delivers advanced protection against ransomware, viruses, and web-based threats.

Features a lightweight design that does not slow down your computer.

Includes a secure banking protection tool and network attack safeguards.

Offers a highly customizable interface to suit various user preferences.

Provides educational resources to help users stay informed about cyber threats.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Top6 Score

Offers strong protection against phishing, viruses, and malware with minimal system impact.

Features a secure payment technology for safe online transactions.

Includes parental controls and privacy tools to protect the whole family.

Provides detailed reports on system security status and potential threats.

Known for its reliable customer support and regular software updates.


Top6 Score

Known for its multi-layer ransomware protection and real-time data protection.

Offers extensive features including VPN, anti-phishing, and fraud warning alerts.

Features a battery mode to reduce system resource usage on portable devices.

Includes parental controls with advanced monitoring and filtering options.

Provides 24/7 support along with performance and security reports.


Top6 Score

Offers protection against viruses, malware, and phishing scams with daily updates.

Features a range of system optimization tools to improve device performance.

Includes a secure password vault for managing login information safely.

Provides a simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation.

Offers customer support through live chat and email for user convenience.


Top6 Score

Delivers effective protection against ransomware and other online threats.

Features Pay Guard for secure online banking and shopping.

Includes advanced parental controls to manage children's online activities.

Offers a social media privacy scanner to identify privacy settings risks.

Known for its detailed security reports and user-friendly interface.


Top6 Score

Specializes in aggressive malware and spyware removal capabilities.

Offers real-time protection that blocks threats before they can cause harm.

Features a lightweight design with minimal impact on system performance.

Includes phishing and fraudulent website protection.

Provides a free version for basic malware removal and a premium version for advanced protection.


Top6 Score

Delivers high-performance malware detection without slowing down your computer.

Offers email protection to guard against phishing attacks and spam.

Features a firewall to protect against network threats and intrusions.

Includes a webcam and microphone blocker for enhanced privacy.

Provides U.S.-based customer support and a simple setup process.


Top6 Score

Offers real-time protection against malware, viruses, and cyber threats.

Features a VPN service for secure online browsing and privacy.

Includes tools for system performance optimization and disk cleaning.

Provides an easy-to-navigate interface suitable for all users.

Offers customer support via live chat and email for convenience.


Top6 Score

Provides comprehensive antivirus protection along with a VPN for online privacy.

Features an identity theft protection service to monitor and alert users to potential risks.

Includes a password vault for secure password management.

Offers tools for cleaning up and optimizing device performance.

Known for its intuitive design and responsive customer support.


Top6 Score

Offers robust antivirus protection, including behavioral engine for zero-day threats.

Features a game booster that optimizes system performance for gaming.

Includes a secure browser for safe online transactions and browsing.

Provides a home network scanner to protect IoT devices.

Known for its effective customer support and easy-to-use interface.


Top6 Score

Offers a strong free antivirus program with various layers of security.

Features include a Wi-Fi inspector, password manager, and malicious site blocker.

Includes a Do Not Disturb mode to silence notifications during certain activities.

Provides ransomware protection and sensitive data shielding in premium versions.

Known for its user-friendly dashboard and extensive user community.


Top6 Score

Offers free antivirus protection with real-time security updates.

Features include email scanning, remote management, and enhanced firewall in premium versions.

Includes a performance tune-up tool to keep devices running smoothly.

Provides a straightforward interface with easy access to key features.

Known for its strong community support and helpful user forums.

Avira VPN

Top6 Score

Specializes in online privacy protection with its VPN service.

Offers encrypted web browsing and masks IP addresses to protect user identity.

Features include ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and phishing protection.

Provides access to global servers for unrestricted content access.

Known for its simplicity, efficiency, and compatibility with other Avira security products.


Top6 Score

Offers comprehensive security solutions designed specifically for Mac users.

Features include real-time antivirus protection, firewall, and parental controls.

Provides a Mac cleaning tool to optimize and maintain system performance.

Offers backup solutions and data recovery tools to protect against data loss.

Known for its Mac expertise, user-friendly interface, and dedicated customer support.