Accurate as of October 3rd 2023

Car Warranty comparison made easy

Car Shield

Top6 Score

Support for breakdowns is available at all hours

High-tech accessories for cars and ATVs are now on contract

This warranty covers some automobiles with up to 300,000 miles on them

Six plans, including one for customized ATVs with advanced technology

Choose from long-term and month-to-month plans


Top6 Score

Countless possibilities for both base plans and coverage augmentation

Takes charge of its policy administration

The best customer service ever

Flexible payment plans

Direct service provider


Top6 Score

Reasonably priced, reliable protection

Options for up to 10 years/ 250,000 miles of driving are on the table

There are over 30,000 service centers you may choose from

Superior assistance and no-hassle sales

A reputable provider with a rich history

Concord Auto Protect

Top6 Score

Administration of policies within an organization

A simple website with clear instructions

Extensive positive feedback from existing clients

Payback for car rental expenses

Help with a dead battery or running out of gas

Select Auto Protect

Top6 Score

Insurance against trip interruptions

Towing and emergency help for breakdowns

Automotive gas refilling services

Auto rental expense reimbursement

Lockout assistance