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Choice Hotels

Top6 Score

Offers a diverse array of hotel brands suitable for budget-conscious travelers.

Maintains consistent standards of quality and comfort, regardless of price point.

Features hotels in convenient locations, close to major attractions and business centers.

Rewards program provides value back to loyal customers through discounts and perks.

Flexible booking policies support easy planning and adjustments for travelers. (Hotels)

Top6 Score

Wide variety of accommodation options

User-friendly booking platform

Competitive pricing and deals

Comprehensive search options for personalized travel plans

24/7 customer support for assistance

Top6 Score

Extensive selection of hotels worldwide

Competitive deals and discounts on accommodations

User-friendly platform for easy booking

Real-time updates on pricing and availability

24/7 customer support for assistance (Hotels)

Top6 Score

Extensive search options for comparing hotels

Real-time updates on pricing and availability

Customizable search filters for personalized results

User-friendly interface and mobile app

Access to exclusive deals and discounts

Top6 Score

Last-minute hotel deals and discounts

Hot Rate® hotels for extra savings

User-friendly interface for quick booking

24/7 customer support

Rewards program for loyal customers (Hotels)

Top6 Score

Budget-friendly hotel options and innovative solutions

Virtual interlining for seamless connections

Flexible date searches for best fares

Responsive customer support

Transparent pricing and fees