Accurate as of April 21st 2024

Credit Help Services comparison made easy

The Credit People

Top6 Score

Specializes in improving clients' credit scores through effective dispute resolution techniques.

Offers a straightforward setup process and transparent fee structure, ensuring clear expectations.

Provides unlimited disputes, working to remove inaccuracies across all client credit reports.

Includes credit monitoring services to help clients stay informed about changes to their credit status.

Boasts a satisfaction guarantee, underscoring a commitment to achieving tangible results for clients.

National Debt Relief (credit help)

Top6 Score

Excels in thorough credit assistance, specializing in efficient debt settlement.

Offers personalized credit help plans, navigating complexities for favorable settlements.

Provides credit counseling and financial education for enhanced financial management.

Ensures ongoing support throughout the debt settlement process.

Stands behind effectiveness, offering a money-back guarantee.

SafePort LAW

Top6 Score

Specialized knowledge in credit law sets SafePort Law apart.

Tailored credit repair plans for effective individualized solutions.

Holistic credit counseling and financial education for improvement.

Ongoing support ensures a smooth credit repair journey.

High BBB rating reflects their commitment to optimal service.

The Credit Pros

Top6 Score

Experienced credit professionals providing expert repair and debt settlement services.

Tailored plans catering to individual needs.

Comprehensive credit counseling and financial education.

Consistent support and guidance throughout the credit repair process.

Money-back guarantee if they cannot remove any negative items from your credit report.


Top6 Score

Personalized credit repair plans tailored to individual needs.

Seasoned experts in credit management and debt settlement.

Financial education resources to enhance money management skills.

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the credit repair process.

Commitment to delivering tangible results in credit improvement and financial recovery.

Lexington Law

Top6 Score

Extensive history of success

Possibilities to get in touch with customer care online

Uses lawyers and legal assistants

A review of your credit report at no cost to you

Monthly fee range of $95.95 - $139.95

Sky Blue

Top6 Score

Completely hassle-free refund policy during the first 90 days

The couple's discount is 50% off

You can send up to 15 items for servicing every 35 days

Interested parties can register online

Monthly fee of $79 for individuals and $119 for couples

Credit Saint

Top6 Score

Legal experts with a focus on credit repair distinguish Credit Saint.

Customized plans address specific nuances of individual credit needs.

Comprehensive credit counseling for a well-rounded improvement process.

Ongoing support throughout the credit repair journey.

A stellar reputation with over 12,000 positive BBB reviews and a 5-star Google rating.


Top6 Score

A monthly fee ranging from $79 - $109

Positive online reviews from satisfied customers

Multiple possible discounts

Financial management tools are accessible with both programs

You can cancel your subscription anytime

Top6 Score

Credit evaluations are provided at no cost

There is access to services through mobile apps

Provides easily accessible support to its clients

Included at no cost is a copy of your credit report

Monthly fee of $24.9