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Debt Relief comparison made easy


Top6 Score

Specializes in negotiating with creditors to reduce debt amounts.

Streamlined and transparent debt settlement process.

Dedicated account managers to guide clients through the program.

Proven success in helping clients become debt-free.

Recognized for their commitment to customer satisfaction.


Top6 Score

Experienced negotiators to settle debts with creditors.

Comprehensive debt settlement programs tailored to individual needs.

Simplified enrollment process with personalized guidance.

Transparent fee structure and no upfront fees.

Positive customer feedback and high levels of customer satisfaction.

JG Wentworth

Top6 Score

Expertise in structured settlements and annuities.

Flexible payment options for quicker access to funds.

Expedited processes for accessing funds in challenging financial situations.

A network of reputable professionals to assist with financial needs.

Customer support available to guide clients through the process.

Greenwise Debt Relief

Top6 Score

Personalized debt relief plans tailored to individual needs.

Seasoned experts in debt management and settlement.

Financial education resources to improve money management.

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the debt relief process.

Commitment to delivering tangible results in debt reduction and financial recovery.


Top6 Score

Seasoned professionals skilled in debt management and settlement strategies.

Customized debt relief plans to address unique financial situations.

Financial education resources for improved financial management.

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the debt relief journey.

Satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind for clients.


Top6 Score

Offers straightforward debt consolidation loans with competitive rates.

Simplifies debt management with a single monthly payment.

User-friendly online tools for tracking progress and managing payments.

Provides financial education resources to promote long-term financial health.

Transparent and reliable customer service.


Top6 Score

Offers debt settlement, debt consolidation, and credit counseling solutions.

Personalized debt relief plans tailored to individual financial situations.

Dedicated team of experts to negotiate with creditors.

Focuses on long-term financial education and sustainable debt management.

Positive customer reviews and testimonials.


Top6 Score

Offers customized debt relief plans tailored to individual needs.

Dedicated customer support available throughout the debt relief process.

Proven track record of successfully resolving clients' debts.

Provides educational resources and tools for improved financial management.

Accredited by major industry organizations.