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Home Warranty comparison made easy

Vanguard Home Warranty

Top6 Score

Vanguard Home Warranty

Extensive coverage for major home systems and appliances.

Efficient claims processing and responsive customer service.

Network of qualified technicians for repairs and replacements.

Flexible plans to suit different budgets and needs.

Nationwide coverage, ensuring assistance wherever you are.

First Premier Home Warranty

Top6 Score

First Premier Home Warranty

Offers diverse plans covering key home systems and appliances.

Simplifies claims with a clear, efficient process.

Utilizes a nationwide network of vetted technicians for repairs.

Allows customizable coverage for specific homeowner needs.

Prioritizes customer support for claims and service inquiries.

First American Home Warranty

Top6 Score

First American Home Warranty

Payments that are on par with the market

Choices in plans that anybody can grasp

Quick reaction time from the service team

Two simple plans that are easy to subscribe to

Available customer service agents to help with repair needs

ARW Home

Top6 Score

ARW Home

Offers flexible plans with various coverage options.

Provides quick and hassle-free claims processing.

Covers a wide range of home systems and appliances.

24/7 customer support for assistance with home emergencies.

Trusted by homeowners nationwide for reliable protection and peace of mind.

Elite Home Warranty

Top6 Score

Elite Home Warranty

Offers flexible plans that can be tailored to cover a wide range of home systems and appliances.

Provides premium options for more comprehensive coverage.

Known for quick service responses and efficient claim processing.

Features a simple claims process with multiple submission methods.

Engages in proactive customer education about home care and maintenance.

Popular Living

Top6 Score

Popular Living

Focuses on essential coverage options at competitive price points.

Offers specific plans targeted at major systems like HVAC and electrical.

Provides a network of licensed and insured technicians.

Streamlines the claim process for quicker service delivery.

Encourages budget-friendly solutions for common home repair needs.

Zip Homes Home Warranty

Top6 Score

Zip Homes Home Warranty

Integrates technology for easy management of warranty services via an app.

Offers comprehensive coverage with an emphasis on electrical and smart home devices.

Features a fast, user-friendly claim submission process online.

Provides 24/7 customer support to handle inquiries and claims efficiently.

Promotes a hassle-free service experience with a focus on customer satisfaction and retention.


Top6 Score

Offers a diverse range of home warranty plans tailored to different needs and budgets.

Known for competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage options.

Provides a straightforward claims process backed by 24/7 customer support.

Employs a network of qualified and insured technicians for reliable service.

Features additional coverage options to include less common items not typically covered.

Choice Home Warranty

Top6 Score

Choice Home Warranty

Competitive rates for the protection that is offered

Round-the-clock customer care service

Coverage for additional risks is provided by add-on insurance

Lightning-fast reaction times

A contractual limit of liability of $3,000 per item


Top6 Score


Facilitates easy comparison of the U.S.'s top home warranty companies.

Helps users quickly fill out forms and compare prices to maximize savings.

Aids in safeguarding crucial home systems and appliances against normal wear and tear.

Focuses on providing peace of mind and financial protection from unexpected repair costs.

Essential for ensuring that unexpected repairs do not disrupt household budgets or lifestyles.

American Home Shield

Top6 Score

American Home Shield

The biggest U.S. home warranty company, serving 42% of the country's homeowners

Better protection for a wider variety of home systems and appliances

Full coverage in 49 states, excluding Alaska

Compares well to the competition by providing one of the most plans

Flexible pricing for trading services

Select Home Warranty

Top6 Score

Select Home Warranty

Starting price of $44 per month

For 90 days, all fixes are warranted

Coverage for roof leaks is provided at no cost

Multiple-year contract price breaks

Several supplementary coverage options are available as add-ons

Liberty Home Guard

Top6 Score

Liberty Home Guard

Extensive reach, including all 48 states and D.C.

Superb ratings from the buying public

All claims are handled in under two days

Ten thousand qualified technicians make up the large contractor network

Provides real estate agents with access to home warranty coverage

AFC Home Club

Top6 Score

AFC Home Club

A plethora of supplementary package choices

Guaranteed service for a minimum of three years

It gives you the option of picking your repairperson

Exclusions and coverage details are presented on the site

Covers all the Us states except Hawaii