Accurate as of March 5th 2024

ID Theft comparison made easy

Identity Guard

Top6 Score

Advanced monitoring of personal information across various online platforms

Real-time alerts for suspicious activity or potential identity theft threats.

Assistance with identity theft resolution and recovery processes.

24/7 customer support for addressing security concerns.

Customizable plans tailored to individual needs and budgetary constraints.

Identity Force

Top6 Score

Continuous monitoring of personal information to detect and prevent identity theft.

Prompt alerts for any suspicious activity or potential security breaches.

Comprehensive identity theft resolution services to mitigate damages.

User-friendly interface and intuitive tools for managing security settings.

Flexible subscription options to accommodate varying security needs and budgets.


Top6 Score

Advanced antivirus and malware protection to defend against cyber threats.

Real-time threat detection and proactive blocking of malicious websites.

Identity theft protection with monitoring of personal information on the dark web.

Secure VPN for anonymous browsing and protection on public Wi-Fi networks.

24/7 customer support and responsive assistance for any security concerns.


Top6 Score

All subscriptions have antivirus, VPN, and device protection as standard

Fraud detection system for checking bank accounts and credit records

Checks official documents for signs of identity theft

Bureau-credit monitoring services

$6 monthly plan cost


Top6 Score

The price per month begins at just $14.95

Excellent protection for your identity and credit reports

One-month free trial for beginners

Authentication by Touch ID

Identity theft protection services include the ability to freeze your credit