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Incorporation comparison made easy

Swyft Filings

Top6 Score

Offers comprehensive packages that simplify the entire process.

Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.

Quick turnaround times for document processing and filing.

User-friendly platform with step-by-step guidance

Extensive customer support for any queries or concerns.


Top6 Score

Focuses on personalized customer service, ensuring a human touch.

Customizable packages to meet specific business needs.

Transparent pricing with a commitment to no surprise charges.

Expertise in compliance and legal requirements for various industries.

Attention to detail in document preparation and filing.


Top6 Score

Intuitive online interface for a seamless experience.

Affordable pricing with no compromise on service quality.

Speedy processing and filing of necessary documents.

Dedicated customer support for assistance at every step.

Tailored solutions catering to different business structures.


Top6 Score

Budget-friendly pricing plans with clear options.

Straightforward and easy-to-navigate website.

Rapid processing and filing of documents for quick results.

Knowledgeable customer support team for assistance.

Additional business services available for comprehensive support.


Top6 Score

Free basic package with essential services.

Transparent pricing for additional features and upgrades.

Efficient document preparation and filing process.

Knowledgeable team providing guidance on business structure.

Options for ongoing compliance support and additional services.

Rocket Lawyer

Top6 Score

Online platform offering a range of legal services.

Customizable packages for various business needs.

Legal document creation and review capabilities.

Expert guidance available through the platform.

Subscription model for ongoing legal support.


Top6 Score

Membership-based model offering legal services at a fixed cost.

Inclusion of incorporation services within the membership.

Dedicated law firms providing personalized assistance.

Access to a library of legal resources for ongoing support.

Emphasis on preventive legal services for businesses.


Top6 Score

Established reputation for reliable incorporation services.

Variety of packages catering to different business requirements.

Online tools and resources for legal document creation.

Transparent pricing with clear breakdowns of costs.

Ongoing customer support and additional legal services available.


Top6 Score

User-friendly platform for a straightforward experience.

Affordable pricing plans with various features.

Quick processing of documents for timely results.

Customer support team providing assistance throughout the process.

Options for ongoing compliance support and additional services.


Top6 Score

Online platform offering a range of legal document services.

Customizable templates for personalized document creation.

Affordable pricing with clear options for additional features.

User-friendly interface for easy document preparation.

Knowledgeable customer support team available for assistance.