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Kitchen Remodeling comparison made easy


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Specializes in cabinet refacing services that revamp the look of kitchens without the need for complete cabinet replacements.

Known for offering a wide range of styles and finishes to match existing kitchen decor.

Provides a quicker turnaround compared to full kitchen renovations, minimizing disruption in your home.

Features durable materials and workmanship backed by warranties to ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

Receives high marks for customer service, with consultants helping clients choose the best options for their homes.

2 Kitchen Remodeling

Top6 Score Kitchen Remodeling

Specializes in connecting users with trusted, local kitchen remodeling contractors.

Provides a platform for obtaining multiple quotes to ensure competitive pricing.

Offers extensive resources including guides, tips, and visual inspiration for kitchen designs.

Features user-friendly tools to help homeowners make informed decisions about their remodeling projects.

Ensures customer satisfaction by offering support throughout the contractor selection and remodeling process.

Angi Kitchen Remodeling

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Angi Kitchen Remodeling

Offers access to a large network of vetted contractors specializing in kitchen remodeling.

Features user reviews and ratings to help choose the right contractor.

Provides free quotes from multiple contractors for price comparison.

Offers comprehensive guides and articles on kitchen remodeling projects.

Ensures customer service support throughout the contractor selection process.

Granite Transformations

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Granite Transformations

Specializes in granite, quartz, and recycled glass overlays.

Offers a unique no-demolition installation process for faster completion.

Provides durable and maintenance-free surfaces.

Features a lifetime warranty on countertops.

Eco-friendly options available for sustainable remodeling solutions.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Offers personalized design services tailored to individual styles and needs.

Employs skilled craftsmen for high-quality construction and installation.

Provides a detailed project management approach to ensure timelines are met.

Focuses on ethical business practices and customer satisfaction.

Features a showroom for clients to view materials and get design inspiration.


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Specializes in artisanal and sustainable building practices.

Offers bespoke design and construction services for unique kitchens.

Uses high-quality, eco-friendly materials for all projects.

Employs a highly skilled team capable of executing complex designs.

Committed to energy efficiency and building performance.

CASE Architects and Remodelers

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CASE Architects and Remodelers

Offers architectural expertise to redefine kitchen spaces profoundly.

Provides custom remodeling solutions that enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Employs a team of architects and craftsmen for seamless design-to-build processes.

Focuses on innovative and practical design solutions.

Ensures detailed project management from initial design to final execution.