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Meal Delivery comparison made easy

Blue Apron

Top6 Score

Diverse menu options suitable for all skill levels.

Pre-portioned ingredients for easy cooking.

Flexible meal plans to accommodate various dietary preferences and family sizes.

Convenient doorstep delivery with clear recipe instructions.

Ability to skip weeks or customize menus according to personal preferences.


Top6 Score

Organic, sustainably sourced ingredients for healthy meals.

Customizable meal plans catering to different dietary preferences.

Chef-curated recipes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Flexible delivery options and the ability to skip weeks.

Emphasis on seasonal ingredients and global flavors.


Top6 Score

Budget-friendly meal kits with affordable pricing per serving.

Simple and delicious recipes suitable for home cooks of all skill levels.

Fresh ingredients sourced responsibly and delivered straight to your door.

Easy online ordering and mobile app.

Convenient meal planning with flexible subscription options to fit your schedule and preferences.


Top6 Score

Fully prepared meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Wide variety of chef-crafted meals catering to specific dietary preferences.

Convenient delivery of fully cooked meals ready to heat and enjoy.

Flexible subscription options with customizable menus.

Nutritionally balanced meals designed to support health and wellness goals.

Snap Kitchen

Top6 Score

Wide selection of chef-prepared meals made with fresh ingredients.

Customizable meal plans accommodating various dietary preferences.

Convenient delivery or pickup options for easy access to nutritious meals.

Transparent labeling with detailed nutritional information.

Portion-controlled meals designed to promote overall health and wellness.