Accurate as of May 19th 2024

Mobile Plans comparison made easy

AT&T Mobility

Top6 Score

AT&T Mobility

Offers a wide range of mobile plans, including unlimited data options suitable for heavy data users.

Known for strong national coverage ensuring good signal and connectivity.

Provides additional benefits like access to streaming services and international perks.

Features plans that include 5G access at no extra cost.

Offers family and multi-line discounts which can provide significant savings.

Mint Mobile

Top6 Score

Mint Mobile

Specializes in low-cost prepaid mobile plans with various data options.

Offers significant savings on long-term plans purchased for three, six, or twelve months.

Utilizes T-Mobile’s network for reliable coverage.

Includes free international texting and competitive rates on international calls.

Provides a user-friendly app for easy account management and service adjustments.

Ultra Mobile

Top6 Score

Ultra Mobile

Offers a variety of plans that include unlimited international calling to over 80 countries.

Features affordable pricing structures with flexibility in data amounts and plan durations.

Utilizes T-Mobile’s network, ensuring broad and reliable coverage.

Plans come with mobile hotspot capabilities without additional charges.

Provides a straightforward approach to plan management and customization.

Boost Mobile

Top6 Score

Boost Mobile

Offers competitive prepaid plans without long-term contracts.

Features unlimited data plans that include taxes and fees in the plan’s price.

Provides dedicated plans with added benefits for gaming and music streaming.

Includes perks such as mobile hotspot data and high-definition streaming options.

Known for promotional deals and discounts for new customers.

Visible Wireless

Top6 Score

Visible Wireless

Provides a single, flat-rate unlimited data plan that includes taxes and fees.

Offers party pay options where groups can save more by joining together.

Utilizes Verizon’s network for extensive coverage and dependable service.

Features no data caps and free mobile hotspot usage.

Supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or offers a selection of affordable phones.

Xfinity Mobile

Top6 Score

Xfinity Mobile

Available exclusively to Xfinity Internet customers, offering substantial savings on mobile plans.

Allows access to Verizon’s extensive network plus millions of secure Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.

Offers flexible data plans, including pay-per-gigabyte and unlimited options.

Includes perks like sharing data with other lines and no additional fees for HD streaming.

Provides benefits such as mixing and matching lines between by-the-gig and unlimited.