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Mortgage Refinance comparison made easy

Lending Tree

Top6 Score

Lending Tree

Provides a marketplace of lenders for competitive loan rates.

Easy-to-use platform for comparing loan options.

Quick prequalification process without impacting credit scores.

Access to a variety of loan types, including unsecured and secured loans.

Simplifies the loan shopping experience.


Top6 Score

Delivers an extensive analysis of various mortgage programs available

Offers the potential for substantial cash-out amounts for eligible homeowners

Provides clear and informative guidance throughout the refinancing journey

Tailors solutions to fit individual financial situations effectively

Accessible assistance to help homeowners make well-informed decisions

eMortgage (refinance)

Top6 Score

eMortgage (refinance)

Streamlined online platform for easy application and tracking.

Access to competitive rates from a network of reputable lenders.

Expert guidance and support throughout the refinancing process.

Convenient communication and document exchange via the online portal.

Real-time tracking of application status for transparency and peace of mind.

Quicken Loans Mortgage Refinance

Top6 Score

Quicken Loans Mortgage Refinance

Easy access to records and property via a centralized online system

Capacity to modify your letter of preapproval

Comparatively cheap mortgage interest rates

Opportunity to speak to a loan officer over the phone

A minimum credit score of 620 is required

Warp Speed Mortgage

Top6 Score

Warp Speed Mortgage

Tailored solutions for various financial situations.

Experienced professionals to guide you through the process.

Aims to secure favorable mortgage terms.

May offer competitive rates.

Efficient and personalized mortgage refinance solutions.

New American Funding Mortgage Refinance

Top6 Score

New American Funding Mortgage Refinance

Affordable home loans

A dedication to easing the path to homeownership for Latino and Black borrowers

Affordable annual percentage rates

Quick preliminary approval

A minimum credit score of 580

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Refinance

Top6 Score

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Refinance

Provides quick rate quotes and prequalification in only a few minutes

Offers a flexible charge and pricing system

In most cases, the closing process takes about 25 days

Conforming, FHA, VA, USDA mortgage types

A+ rating from the BBB

Magnolia Bank

Simple calculators for analyzing loan rates

Professional mortgage lenders that rank among the country's best

Originates over $2 billion in yearly loan volume

Multiple locations across the United States

Professional, reliable service provided by kind, well-informed personnel


Top6 Score


Refinancing costs are waived for current clients

Provides a digital solution to the complete loan process

Several locations around the United States

Provides borrowers with a variety of lending programs for home improvements

D. Power and Zillow both give good grades for customer satisfaction