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Online Fax Software comparison made easy


Top6 Score

Streamlined and user-friendly interface for efficient faxing.

Multi-platform support, compatible with various devices and operating systems.

Document management features for easy organization and retrieval.

Secure transmission protocols to protect sensitive information.

Flexible pricing plans suitable for different usage needs.


Top6 Score

Simplified and easy-to-use interface for hassle-free faxing.

Affordable pricing plans suitable for budget-conscious users.

Basic document management features for organization.

Reliable performance with minimal connectivity issues reported.

Ideal for users seeking simplicity and efficiency in fax communications.


Top6 Score

Feature-rich platform with advanced functionalities.

Customizable options for businesses with diverse faxing needs.

Document management and collaboration tools for enhanced productivity.

Competitive pricing plans for businesses of various sizes.

May have a learning curve for new users due to the extensive feature set

Upland Software

Top6 Score

Scalable platform catering to the needs of large enterprises.

High-level security features, including encryption and compliance measures.

Integration capabilities with other enterprise software for enhanced functionality.

Efficient customer support and regular updates.

May be more advanced than needed for smaller businesses.


Top6 Score

Cost-effective pricing plans suitable for various budgets.

User-friendly interface with easy setup and deployment.

Reliable performance with minimal reported connectivity issues.

Basic document management features for organization.

May not have advanced features compared to some competitors.