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Online Legal Degrees comparison made easy

Education Connection Online Legal Degrees

Top6 Score

Access to a wide range of accredited online legal degree programs

Assistance in finding programs tailored to individual interests and career goals

Guidance on accreditation, degree levels, and specialization areas

Free matching services and resources to simplify the college search process

Support for students throughout their educational journey, from exploration to enrollment

Collegenroll Online Legal Degrees

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User-friendly platform for exploring and matching with online legal degree programs

Quick and easy match process based on students' areas of interest

Access to accredited programs in legal studies, law enforcement, and related fields

Free services with no cost involved for students

Informative resources to help students navigate their legal education journey effectively

DeVry University Online Legal Degrees

Top6 Score

Comprehensive curriculum covering legal theory, research, and practical skills

Experienced faculty with industry expertise in legal practice

Opportunities for internships and hands-on legal experience

Flexible online format suitable for working professionals

Career services and job placement assistance available

Grand Canyon University Online Legal Degrees

Top6 Score

Diverse curriculum covering legal studies, ethics, and professional development

Strong emphasis on ethical reasoning and legal principles

Faculty with expertise in legal practice and ethics

Interactive online learning environment with case studies and simulations

Opportunities for networking and mentorship

American Public University Online Legal Degrees

Top6 Score

Flexible online format suitable for working professionals

Practical legal education with a focus on research, writing, and advocacy

Experienced faculty with industry expertise in legal practice

Career-focused curriculum with internships and experiential learning

Affordable tuition rates and financial aid options available