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Online Therapy comparison made easy


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Offers a variety of communication methods including messaging, video, and audio sessions

Known for its user-friendly platform that connects users with therapists based on their specific needs.

Provides plans that include unlimited messaging and scheduled live sessions.

Features a broad range of specialists, including those focused on anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Maintains a strong commitment to privacy and confidentiality in all interactions.


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Offers a combination of therapy and medication management under one subscription.

Known for integrating behavioral and mental health treatment with licensed prescribers.

Provides care counseling support as part of its service to help manage treatment plans.

Utilizes a convenient app for scheduling and attending sessions.

Focuses on accessible and affordable care with various insurance partnerships.


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Specializes in online relationship counseling, providing services for couples and individuals.

Offers sessions exclusively with therapists trained in marriage and family therapy.

Features a flexible communication setup that allows text, voice, and video sessions.

Known for maintaining privacy with the option for couples to join sessions together or individually.

Emphasizes building communication skills and resolving conflicts within relationships.

7 Cups

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7 Cups

Provides free access to trained volunteer listeners available 24/7 for emotional support.

Offers affordable online therapy with licensed professionals for more in-depth help.

Features chat rooms and community forums for additional support and connection with others.

Known for its inclusive approach, offering services to teens and adults alike.

Focuses on anonymity and confidentiality in all exchanges.

Pride Counseling

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Pride Counseling

Specializes in providing therapy services to individuals facing challenges related to gender and sexuality.

Connects users with therapists who have a deep understanding of LGBTQ+ issues.

Offers a secure and discreet platform to discuss sensitive and personal topics.

Provides communication options including messaging, phone, and video sessions.

Known for its supportive and inclusive therapy environment.


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Focuses on CBT to help individuals address thought patterns that affect their behavior and emotions.

Offers a holistic therapy plan that includes worksheets, live sessions, and messaging.

Provides additional resources such as yoga and meditation videos to support overall well-being.

Features a structured program that tracks progress through various tools and exercises.

Emphasizes privacy and confidentiality in managing user data and therapy sessions.