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Payroll Services comparison made easy


Top6 Score

Medical, dental, vision, 401k, commuter, 529

Cost starting at just $6

Integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and FreshBooks.

Great for contractors and freelancers

Fully automates payroll and taxes


Top6 Score

Simple, all-inclusive price

Payment processing is a breeze for both employees and independent contractors

Included human resources and perks

Pricing is hard to beat at only $40 + $6 per month for each worker

Gain access to W-2 and 1099 payroll and tax filing and payment automation


Top6 Score

Many services provided: Health, retirement, onboarding, management

Incredibly user-friendly platform anyone can run

Perfectly designed for small businesses

Pay employees via direct deposit, paper check, or pay cards

Calculates pay, and file all of your taxes from local to federal.


Top6 Score

Integration of payroll, benefits, and HR services for a streamlined approach.

User-friendly platform ensuring efficient payroll processing

Adherence to unique payroll regulations across various locations.

Employee self-service tools granting easy access to payment information.

Dedicated customer support available for prompt assistance.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

Top6 Score

Integration of payroll and accounting for streamlined financial operations.

User-friendly platform for seamless payroll processing.

Adherence to diverse payroll regulations across states.

Employee self-service tools for convenient payment access.

Dedicated customer support for prompt assistance.


Top6 Score

The ability to integrate payroll services with other human resources functions.

Employees typically face little to no complications in accessing their pay information.

Complies with unique payroll laws and regulations that are unique to each state.

Provides 24/7 availability for purposes of offering support and solving payroll queries.

Supports more than hundreds of thousands of businesses in managing their payroll efficiently.

Roll by ADP

Top6 Score

Provides a chat-based tool that can handle payroll processing fast and conveniently.

Provides reports of payroll activity for every pay period, including all payouts and charges.

During the procedures, AI tools will send you smart alerts and pay scheduling notifications.

Cash is deposited into your account the next business day.

Easy to pick up and utilize after you know how to handle payroll processing.


Top6 Score

Paycor has quickly become popular among fast-growing businesses.

Quickly has become a popular choice among fast-growing businesses.

Extensive features at affordable prices, making it best value for your money.

Feature-packed platform, including direct deposit, optimized mobile apps, efficient payroll processing.

Editable widgets let you customize your dashboard to your liking.