Accurate as of April 21st 2024

Project Management comparison made easy

Zoho Project Management

Top6 Score

Timeline of current progress for better transparency and problem-spotting

Collaborate more and fight discord by lowering tensions

Integrate your release processes into an orchestra

Flexible planning and budgeting

The ability to step back and take your work in a portfolio setting

Oracle Netsuite

Top6 Score

Offers a wide range of project management tools for various industries.

Allows integration with other business management software for streamlined operations.

Provides excellent customer support and training resources.

Customizable features to adapt to the unique needs of your projects.

Trusted by businesses across different sectors for efficient project planning and execution.

Top6 Score

Personalizes the search for project management software with expert recommendations.

Offers concise consultations to pinpoint exact project management software needs.

Delivers a list of tailored software options quickly, facilitating rapid decisions.

Access to 4,090 project management products across 27 categories meets diverse needs.

Experienced advisors provide efficient, targeted selection assistance.


Top6 Score

Empowers businesses with versatile project management tools.

Integration capabilities to combine project management with various operations.

Minimal financial burden for employees utilizing the platform.

Adapts to project management regulations specific to different industries and regions.

Offers round-the-clock support for customer service and assistance.

PipeDrive Project Management

Top6 Score

User-friendly platform for efficient task tracking.

Customizable features for personalized project workflows.

Communication tools for seamless team collaboration.

Reporting and analytics for data-driven decisions.

Responsive customer support for prompt assistance.


Top6 Score

Unified platform for task tracking, communication, and collaboration.

User-friendly interface for intuitive project management.

Integration with other business apps for enhanced productivity.

Reporting and analytics for project insights. Dedicated customer support for efficient assistance.

Dedicated customer support for efficient assistance.


Top6 Score

All-encompassing platform for task tracking, communication, and collaboration.

User-friendly interface for efficient project management.

Gantt chart and timeline features for visual project planning.

Integration with other business tools for enhanced functionality.

Supportive customer support for inquiries.

Keap Project Management

Top6 Score

All-in-one platform for task tracking, client communication, and more.

User-friendly interface for streamlined project workflows.

Automation tools for efficient task management.

Dedicated mobile app for accessible project oversight.

Knowledgeable customer support for guidance.


Top6 Score

Track time and expenditure to keep the project on schedule and within budget

The organization, department, or user may modify reports and dashboards

Delivers agile project management capability for teams responding to project changes swiftly

You can monitor the tasks, risks, and milestones of your project

Better resource management is possible with top-down and bottom-up insight

Resource Guru

Top6 Score

Starting price of $3.00 per month

Customizable reports are available

Third-party integration

A team management tool that is both user-friendly and effective

Flexible and affordable plans Project Management

Top6 Score

It increases transparency so that command may be acquired and retained

Gather your information in one location for easier analysis

Facilitate more accessible communication to increase productivity

Make better plans with more precise time estimates

Get started quickly by selecting one of over 200 premade process templates


Top6 Score

Offers the ability to streamline and optimize project management processes.

Integration options to combine project management with other business operations.

Minimal additional costs for employees using the platform.

Adapts to project management regulations specific to various industries and regions

Provides round-the-clock availability for customer support and assistance.