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Psychic Reading comparison made easy

Purple Garden

Top6 Score

Diverse community of experienced psychic advisors covering various spiritual practices.

Affordable pricing, ensuring accessibility to seekers from all walks of life.

User-friendly app for convenient and on-the-go psychic consultations.

Specialized readings available for love, career, finances, and more.

24/7 availability for immediate spiritual insights and guidance.


Top6 Score

Offers bundled psychic reading packages for a more holistic insight experience.

Ensures cost-effective services with clear and transparent pricing.

Adheres to unique spiritual regulations and practices, providing personalized readings.

Provides 24/7 availability for immediate guidance and clarity.

Covers a diverse network of skilled psychics catering to a wide range of inquiries.

Psychic Source

Top6 Score

Well-established platform with a history of delivering accurate readings.

Employs a rigorous screening process for psychics, ensuring quality service.

Offers a variety of reading methods, including phone, chat, and video.

Transparent pricing with introductory offers for first-time users.

Customer satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind for clients.

Intuitive Advisor

Top6 Score

Focuses on individualized guidance, tailoring readings to specific concerns.

Employs skilled intuitive advisors with a range of specialties.

Intuitive interface for easy navigation and connection with advisors.

Offers a satisfaction guarantee, allowing clients to request a new advisor if needed.

24/7 availability for psychic consultations, accommodating diverse schedules.

Psychic Access

Top6 Score

Budget-friendly pricing without compromising on quality.

Features psychics skilled in diverse areas, including love, career, and spiritual insights.

User-friendly platform with straightforward navigation for a seamless experience.

Offers a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring clients are content with their readings.

Convenient accessibility, allowing users to connect with psychics at their convenience.

Psychic Center

Top6 Score

Emphasizes detailed and focused readings catering to specific life aspects.

Provides a range of experienced psychics with expertise in various fields.

Transparent pricing structure, promoting clarity for users.

Intuitive platform design for easy communication with chosen psychics.

24/7 availability for psychic consultations, accommodating varying time zones.

Ask Now

Top6 Score

Boasts a large network of skilled psychics, each with unique specialties.

Varied reading methods, including phone and chat options.

Competitive pricing with introductory offers for new clients.

User-friendly platform with detailed psychic profiles for informed decisions.

Customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring clients receive valuable insights.


Top6 Score

Specializes in live video consultations for a more personal and engaging experience.

Features a diverse pool of psychics with expertise in various fields.

Unique interactive platform, allowing users to interact with psychics in real-time.

Flexible pricing options to accommodate different budget ranges.

24/7 availability for live video consultations, providing convenience for users.


Top6 Score

Offers a wide range of psychic specialties, from tarot readings to astrology.

Flexible pricing options catering to various budget constraints.

Provides a user-friendly platform with detailed psychic profiles for informed choices.

24/7 accessibility for psychic consultations, ensuring timely assistance.

Features a diverse pool of advisors, allowing users to find the perfect match for their needs.