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Shower Remodeling comparison made easy

BathAndShowerPros Shower Remodeling

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BathAndShowerPros Shower Remodeling

Offers a variety of shower remodeling services at competitive prices.

Known for fast, efficient installations often completed within a day.

Provides a selection of modern fixtures and accessories to upgrade shower aesthetics.

Features customizable solutions to meet specific customer needs and preferences.

Maintains a strong focus on customer satisfaction with a responsive service team.

Kohler LuxStone

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Kohler LuxStone

Specializes in LuxStone shower systems known for their high-quality materials.

Offers a range of luxury features, including customizable walls and innovative storage options.

Provides professional, certified installation for a seamless finish.

Backed by Kohler's long-standing reputation for excellence and durability in bathroom products.

Includes a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer confidence.


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Focuses on full-service bathroom remodeling with an emphasis on modernizing showers.

Offers all-inclusive services from design consultation to installation.

Utilizes durable, grout-free materials for easy maintenance and longevity.

Features a wide variety of styles and options to personalize your shower space.

Ensures a hassle-free remodeling process with experienced professionals handling all aspects.

Bath Fitter Shower Remodeling

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Bath Fitter Shower Remodeling

Known for custom acrylic shower solutions designed to fit over existing setups.

Offers a one-day installation process that avoids extensive bathroom demolition.

Provides a lifetime warranty on all installations.

Features a wide range of styles and accessories to enhance functionality and appearance.

Prioritizes customer convenience with quick turnaround times and less mess.

Luxury Bath

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Luxury Bath

Offers Microban-infused acrylic for mold and mildew resistance.

Specializes in luxurious and functional designs tailored to individual tastes.

Provides flexible financing options to make luxury remodels more accessible.

Installation typically completed in just one day for most projects.

Committed to customer satisfaction with extensive post-installation support.

Dreamstyle Remodeling

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Dreamstyle Remodeling

Delivers custom shower solutions with a focus on enhancing comfort and style.

Offers a range of high-quality materials and cutting-edge design options.

Employs experienced professionals for meticulous installation and craftsmanship.

Provides comprehensive project management from start to finish.

Ensures long-term satisfaction with strong warranties and dedicated customer service.