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Solar Companies comparison made easy


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Expert guidance for solar installation.

Tailored solar systems for optimal performance.

Assistance with incentives and rebates.

Limited availability in some areas.

Upfront investment for solar panels may be substantial.

Sesame Solar

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Provides solar calculators.

The company has an installation timeline.

Genuine feedback provided by actual clients.

Warranties for 25 Years.

Tier one equipment.


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Flexible payment choices.

Monitoring of the system daily.

Warranty that includes all possible coverage.

A person's energy use history is used to tailor their home's systems.

It is a publicly listed firm with substantial financial resources.

Solar America

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A division of a huge solar enterprise.

Will assist with anything from the design to the final installation.

There are several product options from which to choose.

Roofing experts specializing in their craft will not compromise the integrity of your existing roof.

Has operated in the solar industry for more than a decade.


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A 25-year guarantee on all of its photovoltaic systems.

The firm has been in business for several years

Offers free consultations both online and in-person

It has received multiple 5.0 ratings and reviews from users across various internet services.

Professional customer care services.


Top6 Score

Panels that have the highest level of efficiency are currently available

The subject is covered on a national scale.

Certification in sustainable development using the Cradle-to-Cradle methodology.

A comprehensive warranty that covers everything.

Its Comprehensive Service Offerings Set It Apart from The Rivals