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Teeth Whitening comparison made easy

NewSmile Teeth Whitening

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NewSmile Teeth Whitening

Offers custom-fit whitening trays made from dental impressions sent by customers.

Provides a professional-grade whitening gel that promises results within a few applications.

Known for its straightforward kit that includes detailed instructions for use.

Features a satisfaction guarantee with customer support to address any concerns.

Praised for its competitive pricing compared to in-office dental whitening treatments.


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Offers a range of products including LED light-accelerated whitening kits and on-the-go whitening pens.

Known for its Bright On Whitening Kit, which provides results in just one week when used as directed.

Features enamel-safe ingredients that are gentle on sensitive teeth.

Provides options to bundle whitening products with clear aligners for a complete smile makeover.

Celebrated for its accessible customer service and easy online ordering process.


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Provides tailor-made whitening kits based on user needs, including custom trays for even application.

Known for using dental-grade whitening agents that ensure effectiveness and safety.

Offers a detailed consultation process online to match the right product with the customer’s dental history.

Features a user-friendly website and direct support from dental professionals.

Receives high marks for delivering consistent and visible whitening results.


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Offers a patented LED activating technology that accelerates the whitening process without causing sensitivity.

Known for its unique, sleek design and use of serum that works on all types of stains.

Features products suitable for all ages and dental needs, including those with braces.

Provides a luxury feel with proven efficacy, often seen in celebrity endorsements.

Celebrated for its long-lasting results and excellent customer testimonials.

Glo Science

Top6 Score

Glo Science

Utilizes patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology to enhance the efficacy of the whitening gel.

Offers a comprehensive kit that includes a mouthpiece, whitening gel, and a lip care product.

Known for its ability to provide dramatic results with minimal treatment time each day.

Features a blend of gentle ingredients that minimize tooth sensitivity.

Receives praise for its effective treatment that rivals in-office dental procedures.


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Provides affordable whitening strips that promise results in just a few days.

Known for a variety of flavor options that enhance the user experience.

Features a formula that reduces sensitivity, making it suitable for regular use.

Offers bulk buying options that provide significant savings.

Celebrated for its ease of use and fast, visible results.