Accurate as of March 5th 2024

VOIP comparison made easy


Top6 Score

Offers seamless video conferencing.

Provides reliable voice calls with minimal disruptions.

Includes collaboration tools for enhanced productivity.

Allows integration with various productivity apps.

Scales communication needs from small businesses to large enterprises.


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Versatile features for effective communication.

Integration with popular CRM systems.

User-friendly setup and management.

Flexible plans catering to different business sizes.

Reliable customer support and assistance.


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Has sophisticated call-handling options.

The high-definition speech quality on this platform makes it ideal for serious conversations.

It lets you make and take calls from your mobile device.

The service provides high-end tools for teamwork, such as audio and video conferencing.

The VoIP service Nextiva offers includes in-depth metrics and statistics.


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Controls incoming phone calls and text messages to provide a speedy reaction time for your company.

Ooma Office forwards your calls to your chosen teams, ensuring your communications reach their intended recipients.

Innovative technologies for banning unwanted calls and identifying spam calls.

High-Definition Voice technology allows for discussions to be heard clearly.

Call encryption and PIN-protected voicemail help keep your conversations private.


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Provides a free trial period.

Integrations with various platforms, including Slack, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce.

Every package includes unlimited calls inside the United States and Canada

Functions faultlessly on PCs, iPads, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with cloud-based and on-premises deployments.


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Innovative AI-powered features for enhanced efficiency.

Seamless integration with other business apps.

User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.

Cloud-based platform for remote communication.

Scalable plans with various customization options.


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The company provides a VoIP service in the cloud for companies to use.

Features such as call forwarding and call routing are made available.

GotoConnect facilitates cross-platform video conferencing and document sharing for distributed teams.

It's compatible with various help desk and customer relationship management programs.

GotoConnect is scalable and adaptable, letting organizations add or remove users and features as required.


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Grasshopper's VOIP service guarantees constant connection.

Auto-attendant, voicemail, and call forwarding are all included.

Users may make multiple extensions for various groups and teams.

The Grasshopper mobile app allows users to call using their company numbers directly from their mobile devices.

Calls may be routed, screened, and recorded to serve customers better.